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Practices can leverage the collective purchasing power as an alliance of independent rheumatology practices to receive best-in-class contracts not available on the market.

ARN Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Our GPO is designed to improve operational and drug purchasing efficiency while enhancing patient care. ARN Members have access to our GPO, which has over # of differentiated contracts to reduce practice expenses.


The healthcare landscape can be challenging, especially for community-based rheumatology practices. The process of benchmarking allows each practice to examine their performance metrics to a comparable practice and make necessary changes to continue thriving.

Value-Based Rheumatology Care

As the market shifts to value-based care, local practices are challenged to reduce costs, improve quality and report on a variety of financial and performance metrics. We provide technology and process tools that enable practices to understand their costs and to report metrics required for reimbursement to payers. Our comprehensive practice management services, expertise, and integrated technologies empower practices to thrive in the new healthcare landscape, allowing them to successfully participate in alternative payment models and value-based contracting.

Revenue Cycle Management

Properly managing revenue cycle activities is essential for continued growth and success. Our comprehensive practice management software improves financial operations and optimizes the collection process, resulting in increased reimbursement and revenue cycle optimization.

Payer & Managed Care Services

Negotiating payer contracts is an essential part of practice success. Our experienced payer and managed care experts provide guidance and analytics to level the playing field between practices and large payer organizations.

Provider members report spending less time negotiating supplier contracts since joining ARN.

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