About Us

American Rheumatology Network (“ARN”) is a physician led and owned organization committed to improving healthcare by empowering independent rheumatology practices across the nation. Through our network members have access to best business practices, innovative practice performance technology, and value-based treatment pathways.

Our Mission

To unite community-based rheumatology practices to deliver the highest-quality rheumatology care.

Meet the Team

Michael Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah McClain, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Timothy Hewson

General Counsel

Nick Stoltmann, MBA, CPA

Director of Finance

Caitlyn Bednarek, M.Ed, CHES®

Strategic Account Manager

Cassandra Olear

Strategic Account Manager

Morgan Grubbs, ICPP

Marketing and Business Development Manager

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Learn more about our commitment to guide future decision making in rheumatology with clinically-driven data to yield financial and clinical value to your practice.

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