Exclusive Partners

Together, ARN and select exclusive partners deliver innovative technology and platforms to member practices with the same goals in mind: to reduce cost, enhance healthcare and advance rheumatology.

Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy

Blue Sky Specialty Pharmacy listens, delivers, and thinks ahead. We’re transforming the patient experience. Beginning with better communication with patients, clients and partners, we dare to be different.


RecordQuest’s ROI and Patient Form Completion services combine superior software and unmatched, diligent compliance standards resulting in a smooth, simplified, and timely process.

Trio Health

Trio Health offers a unique collaboration with physicians and specialty pharmacies to allow unparalleled insight into patient care. Trio’s proprietary MDX platform combines disparate patient data to create actionable insight for physicians and pharmacists to enhance the quality of patient care. Trio’s approach to real-world evidence is predicated on three factors; high integrity data, the right statistical approach to analyze the data, and study conclusions without bias.

TSI Healthcare

TSI Healthcare is the #1 Rheumatology EHR in the U.S. TSI Healthcare’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of Rheumatologists through specialty-specific content, tracking all disease scores such as a RAPID3, CDAI, DAS28, and many more. TSI Healthcare also offers an integrated Practice Management System, Patient Portal, Revenue Cycle Management, cloud hosting, and more.

Sphinx Medical Technologies, Inc., CallMyDoc®

CallMyDoc® is a managed service with mobile apps that is able to integrate with all electronic medical records to replace telephone based answering services. CallMyDoc® can be offered to all primary care physicians, hospitals, and specialists.


At McKesson, helping you run your rheumatology practice efficiently and profitably is our specialty.  From valuable drug cost savings and best-in-class Onmark® GPO contracts, to Lynx® inventory managementTotalViewSM revenue analyticsbusiness advisory servicesregulatory guidance and Intrafusion® full-service infusion management, McKesson can tailor a solution to help every rheumatology practice achieve their business goals.  Learn how.


OTech will streamline your patient experience with solutions for pre check-in, check-in, and electronic forms. Clients accelerate cash flow, improve efficiency, boost patient satisfaction AND control staffing costs using both kiosks and tablets. The time is NOW for self-service in healthcare, and more importantly, your practice!


Augmedix, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUGX) is a leading digital health platform that offers virtual medical documentation and live clinical support to large healthcare systems and physician practices, supporting medical offices, clinics, hospitals, emergency departments and telemedicine practices nationwide. The Company’s Ambient Automation Platform converts the natural conversation between physicians and patients into timely and comprehensive medical notes and provides a suite of related services. The medical note is generated using Augmedix’s proprietary platform, which incorporates structured data models, automatic speech recognition and natural language processing and is overseen by trained medical documentation specialists. Augmedix saves physicians up to 3 hours per day, improves productivity by as much as 20%, and increases satisfaction with work-life balance by over 40%. 

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