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Practices have access to comprehensive management platforms and data extraction tools.

Trio Health Dashboard

The dashboard graphically identifies those patients, or patient statuses, requiring immediate attention.
The alerts, triggered by real-time data and customizable parameters, allow the user to quickly access those patients, or groups.

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Trio Health Data Registry

A comprehensive data solution that combines EMR, infusion and pharmacy information that allows for improved coordination of patient care, longitudinal care tracking, identification of care trends and access disparities. The data registry launched in November 2019 and has more than 60,000 rheumatoid arthritis patients registered.


There are many obstacles that can appear between the time a prescription is written and the patient picking up the prescription. AXCESS1 is a hub that revolutionizes the prescription access process by providing progress updates for physicians, manufacturers and payers as well as ensuring medication access to patients.


TSI Healthcare is the #1 Rheumatology EHR in the U.S. TSI Healthcare’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of Rheumatologists through specialty-specific content, tracking all disease scores such as RAPID3, CDAI, DAS28, and many more.

95% of provider members report spending less time negotiating supplier contracts since joining ARN.

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