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Practices have access to comprehensive management platforms and data extraction tools.

Since 2013, Trio has worked with biopharmaceutical companies using a proprietary technology platform that redefines the approach and methodology of collecting data on real world patients. We use this data to improve patient outcomes and produce valuable research.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Real-time aggregated data is organized and visualized at a patient level for immediate and longitudinal insight.

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Produce Valuable Research

Our interactive MDX research platform adjudicates, validates, and supplements 100% of data. All data is comprehensive, cross-validated, and identifies precise patient cohorts. With direct access to physicians, pharmacies, and patients trials are quicker and produce rich insight.

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There are many obstacles that can appear between the time a prescription is written and the patient picking up the prescription. AXCESS1 is a hub that revolutionizes the prescription access process by providing progress updates for physicians, manufacturers and payers as well as ensuring medication access to patients.

TSI Healthcare is the #1 Rheumatology EHR in the U.S. TSI Healthcare’s solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of Rheumatologists through specialty-specific content, tracking all disease scores such as RAPID3, CDAI, DAS28, and many more.

JointMan is an innovative platform that enables rheumatologists in academic, private and institutional settings to clinically follow patients with rheumatic disease, and to track biologic and DMARD effectiveness via and point-and-click, color-coded homunculus.

Like you, we believe patient care is paramount. That’s why our experienced team of medical professionals guides and manages patients throughout their healthcare journey — from prior authorization and copays to insurance plan selection, cost-saving plan enrollment, and medication delivery.

Call My Doc provides a replacement for any answering services, voicemail, or for any time a doctor or one of their staff cannot answer a phone. It can be used for a COVID hotline, allowing staff to work at home remotely using the app. It answers phones by itself and transcribes them directly into the EHR. Providers can also work after hours or remotely using the app and it will self-document the phone encounter.

Provider members report spending less time negotiating supplier contracts since joining ARN.

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