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American Rheumatology Network (“ARN”) is a physician led and owned organization committed to improving healthcare by empowering independent rheumatology practices across the nation. Through our network physicians and practice administrators have access to best business practices, innovative practice performance technology, and value-based treatment pathways.

COVID-19 Updates

American Rheumatology Network is working diligently to provide its members with helpful resources and prevention strategies during COVID-19 pandemic.  ARN continues to monitor federal, state and local health advisories regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and will update these resources accordingly.  Please note these documents contain general information which may not be applicable to all patients, facilities, communities and circumstances. These resource guides are intended to provide you with suggestions on how to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and offer additional methods of caring for your patients. The guides are not exhaustive, and we encourage you to supplement your knowledge by visiting the CDC website and other public health websites. Each practice must apply this information based on their independent judgment and keep abreast of daily developments. There may be state and local regulations that apply. Many states are actively adopting emergency regulations to manage the pandemic. We encourage you to check with your state regulators.

Relationship Opportunities

We offer two models through which a rheumatology practice can become part of the American Rheumatology Network (ARN). Practices can choose the affiliation model that best meets their needs and goals:

Affiliate ARN Member

As an Affiliated ARN Member, physicians maintain their independence and gain access to clinical and business platforms, in addition to best-in-class group purchasing contracts.

Comprehensive Strategic Alliance (CSA)

In the CSA model, practices enter into agreements to foster success of the entire practice. Physicians maintain their independence, gain access to clinical and business platforms, best-in-class group purchasing contracts, and administrative support.

Both Models Provide Benefits for Physician Partners


Physicians retain control over how they practice.


Access to practice performance technology in clinical and administrative settings.


Align patient care and practice health with clinical and business improvements.


Access to a community of physicians dedicated to a common purpose.

What Our Members Are Saying

The ARN collaboration for any sophisticated large rheumatology group is the path forward, since it offers insight to best practices, aggressive economies of scale when dealing with infusions and robust data analysis through the Trio collaborative effort, while maintaining independence of your current day to day operations. Our relationship has truly helped transform our practice into a well-oiled machine, better equipped to serve the patients both in the community and the greater rheumatology community.

Nehad Soloman, MD
Arizona Arthritis & Rheumatology Associates, P.C.

95% of provider members report spending less time negotiating supplier contracts since joining ARN.

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