ARN & Trio Health Form ARN Clinical Research

SUMMERVILLE, S.C., April 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — American Rheumatology Network (ARN), in partnership with Trio Health, launched ARN Clinical Research to transform drug development for rheumatology research. This technology-driven solution will unite the power of the ARN network with Trio’s proven data management technologies to develop a real-time integrated platform enabling manufacturers to rapidly achieve their goals.

American Rheumatology Network (ARN) is a national network of over 35 community-based physician practices with more than 250 providers, 66 locations, and over 370,000 patients. ARN’s sites have been involved in clinical trials for over 25 years and have individually conducted over 1,500 rheumatology trials. “The launch of this solution unifies ARN practices to deliver cutting-edge resources to support manufacturers’ drug development efforts in the fight to transform rheumatologic diseases,” said Michael Cooper, ARN’s Chief Executive Officer.

Trio’s MDX platform includes real-time access to patient data and physicians throughout the entire patient journey. This sophisticated platform delivers highly customized data with full EMR access and bi-directional capabilities. The database currently encompasses 100% of the ARN sites with full EMR access and bi-directional data: the platform not only extracts transactional data, but also serves as a central hub for data supplementation and verification providing regulatory-grade accuracy. Trio’s clinical data team has real-time access to patient level data to process unstructured data, eliminating the burden to ARN members’ practices.

The newly formed ARN Clinical Research is uniquely positioned to be a catalyst for growth, innovation, and evolution in rheumatology clinical trials and research. This collaboration includes a highly experienced team consisting of a scientific steering committee, data scientists to generate evidence-based insights, and a dedicated and experienced clinical operations and analytics team. This unified platform is built to be smarter, faster, and better equipped to deploy exciting new clinical research models, including decentralized and hybrid trials, pragmatic trials, and synthetic arms. ARN Clinical Research will deliver services to support the entire product lifecycle, including physician advisory boards, rapid start up for clinical trials, patient recruitment, data management, analytics, and commercial analytics to support targeted engagement tactics.

“As treatment continues to evolve towards precision medicine, how we treat chronic conditions like rheumatologic diseases must also change,” said Ramita Tandon, Trio Health’s Chief Operating Officer. “Harnessing the power of patients’ experiences in a real-world setting to advance clinical research requires a different approach than the traditional R&D business model.” The ARN Clinical Research gives us the ability to quickly identify patients – in hours vs. weeks – against protocols and to rapidly do clinical feasibility and source document verification.”

About American Rheumatology Network

American Rheumatology Network (“ARN”) is a physician led and owned organization committed to improving healthcare by empowering independent rheumatology practices across the nation. Through our network, physicians and practice administrators have access to best business practices, innovative practice performance technology, differentiated pharmaceutical contracts, and value-based treatment pathways. For more information, please visit our website:

About Trio Health

Trio Health is a leading provider of real-world data and insights with unparalleled data management capabilities. Trio’s mission is to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes by coordinating the efforts of all patient care stakeholders. Their first-of-its-kind Multi-Disease Platform (MDX) tracks patients throughout the course of their treatment, giving biopharmaceutical companies, specialty pharmacies, and physicians access to information and opportunities that simply do not exist elsewhere. Learn more at

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