ARN & Trio Health Announce Launch of the First-ever Patient Voice Database in Rheumatology

LOUISVILLE, Colo., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Trio Health, a leading technology provider of real-world data and insights on patients announces the launch of the first-ever Patient Voice database in Rheumatology to acknowledge and incorporate the voice of the patient in access programs, clinical development, and brand team care management programs. As the industry continues to shift toward making a patient-centric approach the standard, Trio’s Patient Voice database assists innovators in closely following the FDA’s Final Guidance on Patient-Focused Drug Development to maximize the fundamental role the individual patient’s experience has in the life cycle of development.

Trio and the American Rheumatology Network (ARN) have spearheaded the effort to bring the patient voice to bear by leveraging an ever-growing database representing care by ARN of more than 370,000 patients with the goal of understanding the rate of therapy changes, patients’ reasons for change, the associated symptoms, and ultimately the impact on both patient-reported and clinical outcomes.

Trio’s initial historic database includes review of input for >100,000 patients and carefully categorizes symptoms, life events, and lack of efficacy for each discontinued regimen. To determine the catalyst for the switch, Trio investigates the relative impact of the patient voice as well as if the provider performed a clinical assessment (to determine lack of efficacy) at the time of discontinuation. Trio’s assessments show that rapid switching of therapy, which is not always aligned with clinical measures, is inherent to over 40% of the population. Separate evaluations of all discontinuations suggest that 1) the patient voice may be responsible for over half of treatment switches, even though nearly 50% of those therapies were clinically efficacious and that 2) manageable symptoms associated with discontinuation, if resolved, would increase average persistency from 188 days to 529 days.

Trio’s Patient Voice database increases daily by more than 1200 new discontinued therapy orders, through which qualitative office notes are accompanied by structured “switch/reason” codes. This depth of insights allows for clearer, more efficient and more effective clinical and commercial responses.

Trio Health’s focus on patient symptoms differentiates its offerings in the real-world evidence arena and builds on its existing portfolio of services that includes custom disease registries and a bi-directional analytical platform, which not only extracts transactional data, but also serves as a central hub for data supplementation and verification.

“Inclusion of the patient voice provides the “real” in real-world data which is critical to improve patient outcomes and align with the FDA’s commitment to patient-focused drug development” concluded Brent Clough, Trio Health’s Chief Executive Officer.

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