Why do Patients Discontinue Treatment?

The ARN-Trio registry recently hosted a webinar unlocking deep insights into the “Why” behind patients discontinuing prescription therapy. The recorded webinar is available here.
ARN-Trio registry uniquely employs trained chart abstractors to review unstructured data for the 369,000 patients in the registry, identifying the actual reasons for discontinuations as recorded in the visit notes. Traditionally, this information has not been available for analysis as it is not recorded in structured data fields.

The results are paradigm-changing, revealing that 86% of treatment discontinuations are associated with symptoms, and only 36% with efficacy (overlap occurs). This is startling, that in a specialty that has invested so much recent effort in measuring disease activity, the majority of medication discontinuation is actually due to tolerability (and not efficacy).

Further analysis finds that 30% of these symptoms are manageable, suggesting that medications may be abandoned unnecessarily. Contrary to what one might think, these manageable symptoms were associated with earlier treatment discontinuation when compared with more concerning or serious symptoms.

ARN-Trio is identifying the manageable symptoms associated with each drug, offering the future possibility of targeted interventions to maximize the therapeutic benefits while minimizing unnecessary discontinuations.

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