Join the ARN-Trio Health Registry, Inform Your Clinical Care and Generate Additional Revenue

American Rheumatology Network (ARN) and Trio Health (Trio) have launched the first rheumatology registry that combines pharmacy dispensing data with electronic medical records (EMR) to provide unparalleled real-world insights into patient experiences and outcomes.

The new database includes over 75,000 patients within the ARN’s national network, serving as a comprehensive data solution that combines EMR, infusion, and pharmacy information. This allows for improved coordination of patient care, longitudinal care tracking, identification of care trends and access disparities. The ARN-Trio registry is unique among rheumatology registries in capturing real-time, patient-level data from the time of prescription to pharmacy dispensation or in-office administration of a therapy. Such data will facilitate compliance and offer insights into patient access barriers. The registry offers nuanced insights such as tracking and reporting out-of-pocket costs for patients to providers and predicts how a patient’s out-of-pocket cost may change quarter to quarter. These insights are delivered through “dashboards” that provide clinicians with user-friendly insights into clinically relevant data.

ARN Executive Chairman Dr. Colin C. Edgerton said, “This is a huge advance and something rheumatologists have been waiting for, a real-time registry that combines electronic medical record data and pharmacy dispensing data in a way that allows critical insights into patient outcomes. Now I have insight into which patients are not picking up their prescriptions, or are using them infrequently, and how this affects disease activity.”

The sheer size of the registry allows the database to surface adverse events, enabling a population health benefit by gathering of real-world safety evidence versus voluntary reporting of safety events. Recently, Trio announced it had entered into an exclusive agreement with Greenleaf Health, a leading Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory consulting firm, to unite in utilizing and validating the data analyses.

These capabilities are valuable to healthcare stakeholders to include pharmaceutical manufacturers, payors, and others. Sponsorship by these entities provides additional revenue to participating rheumatology practices.

“The new registry offers clients a one-of-a-kind view into patient experiences and outcomes at the point of care in a scientific way, outside of clinical trials,” said Trio CEO Brent Clough. “The ability to evaluate EMR data from community practices linked to specialty pharmacy dispensing data is a totally unique, market-defining product.”

For additional information about the registry contact: Caitlyn Bednarek

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