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Practice Performance Technology

Practices have access to comprehensive management platforms and data extraction tools.

Since 2013, Trio has worked with biopharmaceutical companies using a proprietary technology platform that redefines the approach and methodology of collecting data on real world patients. We use this data to improve patient outcomes and produce valuable research.

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Improve Patient Outcomes

Real-time aggregated data is organized and visualized at a patient level for immediate and longitudinal insight.

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Produce Valuable Research

Our interactive MDX research platform adjudicates, validates, and supplements 100% of data. All data is comprehensive, cross-validated, and identifies precise patient cohorts. With direct access to physicians, pharmacies, and patients trials are quicker and produce rich insight.

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Practice Optimization Solutions

Practices have access to comprehensive solutions to optimize patient outcomes.

Augmedix (Nasdaq: AUGX) delivers industry-leading, ambient medical documentation and data solutions to healthcare systems, physician practices, hospitals, and telemedicine practitioners.

Augmedix is on a mission to help clinicians and patients form a human connection at the point of care with seamless technology. Augmedix’s proprietary Notebuilder Platform extracts relevant data from natural clinician-patient conversations and converts that data into medical notes in real time, which are seamlessly transferred to the EHR. The company’s platform uses Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing including Large Language Models, and medical documentation specialists to generate accurate and timely medical notes.

See the Patient, Not the Technology

Augmedix solutions use the latest advancements in ambient AI to extract data and automate medical notes. Our technology is invisible at the point of care, so the only thing the physician sees is the patient.

Case Study

Click on the thumbnail below to read a case study from Dr. Andrew Laster of Arthritis & Osteoporosis Consultants of the Carolinas and his experience using Augmedix.

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How It Works

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Unlock the Power of your Practice

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Streamline and automate your prior authorizations

SamaCare’s cloud-based prior authorization workflow automation platform helps practices streamline administrative processes regardless of form, payer or portal. Nearly 8,000 providers, clinics and hospital systems rely on SamaCare to submit, track and manage prior authorizations across all payers and plans for buy-and-bill medications, while gaining valuable insights to enhance workflows and productivity. Some of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world partner with SamaCare to unify prior authorization management and to provide premium services such as benefit verifications and drug programs specifically designed for a better clinic and patient experience. For more information visit

Proven to save practices time and improve patient experience

SamaCare currently works with Retina, Oncology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Ambulatory Infusion Centers, Gastroenterology, Urology and other specialties – helping practices achieve 67% faster prior authorization resolution and 6-10X reduction in staff time spent on prior authorizations on average. For more information visit

Get patients on the right therapy, at the right time, by eliminating administrative barriers

Say goodbye to paperwork and endless phone calls, and say hello to a streamlined workflow. Watch SamaCare’s explainer video below to see how SamaCare helps providers get patients on the right therapy at the right time. For more information visit

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